1. Simulation based training tools design and engineering
  2. Interactive Immersive Visualization solutions engineering
  3. Expertise in virtual reality
  4. Expertise in augmented reality
  5. Expertise in constructive simulation and CGF (Computer-Generated Forces)
  6. Expertise in embedded simulation for land military vehicles
  7. Simulation interoperability
  8. Knowledge of operational context
  9. Knowledge of specific military training needs
  10. Design of simulation-based courseware and training scenarios
  1. Virtual immersive weapon system operator training simulators
    • virtual immersive trainers
    • embedded trainers
    • cabin-based trainers
    • training centers or mobile solutions
  2. Armored vehicle driving trainers
  3. Virtual maintenance trainers
  4. Simulators for the definition of operational requirements
  5. Interactive immersive visualization systems
  1. Support and maintenance of simulation equipment
  2. Support of trainees and instructors in simulators operation
  3. Design courseware, training scenarios, educational material
  4. Studies in technological development for defense
  5. Ergonomics and doctrine studies for the development of new operational equipment

Our competitive edge

  • Technological advance: our team, supported by our two founders (CMI Defence & Silkan), was the first to design and operationally deploy a fully functional simulation solution embedded in a real weapon system.
  • Invention and creativity: Agueris develops it own technological modules, both for its own needs and to offer innovative technological products to the market.
  • Operational proximity: Through the experience of its team and in-house military expertise, Agueris products are in line with armed forces needs and requirements, to ensure optimal training and mission readiness.
  • Efficiency: Agueris simulation solutions are design to maximize training efficiency while minimizing development and possession costs. As an example, a single simulator can be used to train on various weapon systems.

Main references

  • LCTS90 (Light Cockerill Turret Systems): embedded, mobile and virtual immersive simulators for 90mm turret crew training – w/CMID
  • Generic multi-systems training simulators for 30mm up to 105mm turret crew training – w/CMID
  • SEMBA: embedded simulation for the French SCORPION next-gen armored vehicles program – w/NEXTER
  • VETESIM: technological watch and design of the simulation roadmap for the French MoD – w/CapGemini
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