Support & Maintenance

Be confident in the performance of your simulators

Agueris delivers comprehensives maintenance and upgrade support with its systems:

  • Corrective maintenance
  • Upgrades & Evolution
  • Supply of spare parts
  • Obsolescence management – retrofit or upgrade studies

Support to operate simulations

A full service to support training centers operation

Agueris can provide aid to schedule and coordinate training. The company can also support trainees and instructors in operating simulators, as well as supporting the instructors on the management of the simulators (Students list management, Exercises library management, ...)

In addition, Agueris teams can manage the administrative part of the training sessions

Training & Support to instruction

Leverage the full power of simulation-based training

To leverage the power of simulation, Agueris offers the following training and support services:

  • Design courseware, training scenarios, educational material
  • Advise instructors and staff in both technical and operational domains using military and simulation in-house experts
  • Support instructors by providing specific expertise on weapon systems training
  • Prepare training sessions (exercises build-up, planning...)