Generic Virtual Simulator

One simulator for all: a generic solution based on virtual reality

AGUERIS Generic Virtual Trainer is a system enabling to train complex systems operators in defense or industry.
The system includes a virtual interactive cockpit allowing to simulate the operator’s environment, coupled with a global simulation. A specifically designed instructor operating station allows animation and supervision, exercise creation and control, after action review and student monitoring. 

Agueris Generic Virtual Trainer is a mobile and scalable system: a classroom can be deployed in a few hours. Thanks to the virtual cockpit concept, maintenance is simplified (compared to classical simulators) and is merely a single simulator can be used to train on various weapon systems, through dynamic software reconfiguration. This system has been successfully deployed for the training of turret crews for both technical and tactical training up to platoon level.

Mobile Virtual Simulator

Train anywhere anytime

Training must be easy, and should take place anywhere, anytime. Thanks to a specifically designed trailer, the simulator is mobile and can be deployed in a few hours. The Agueris mobile trailer  a full-scale platoon-level simulator for gunnery training - the same concept can be extended to other domains such as driving training, industry etc. The trailer contains all required features for optimal training : exercise creation and scenario development, up to 4 deployable training capsules, debriefing and after action review. The components are designed to survive shocks and vibrations. The Agueris mobile trailer is the answer for operators who need to train in any location, with optimal efficiency.

Embedded Simulators

The weapon system becomes the simulator

Embedded simulation is a revolutionary concept in which the operational system becomes the trainer. Agueris is a pioneer in embedded simulation.The system enables weapon system operators to train at both technical and tactical levels using the real environment commands and controls. On-board sensors and displays are stimulated through simulation. Using a mobile exercise control unit, the instructor can control the whole exercise while remaining close to the trainees. A solution of the future, embedded simulation allows training as you fight, anywhere, anytime, and maintaining skills on the real equipment.

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